Will you go to a concert with just masks and no social distancing?

An experiment took place in Barcelona, Spain last week that put 5,000 masked fans at a rock concert with no social distancing. All kinda of testing was done before and after to find out what if any the Covid 19 spread was. The results are not back for this particular experiment but there have been others in Germany and England. Guns and Roses will begin their rescheduled tour in Europe this June. Will they be looking out into a crowd of masks, is this what the future holds? With dates here in the States beginning in July, someone better figure it out soon. If someone bought a ticket in 2019 for a show that now has restrictions what are the legalities of it all? That question is way above my pay grade. You better believe a judge will be asked to figure it all out for us. https://loudwire.com/audience-5000-attend-covid-19-live-show-experiment-barcelona/