Game of Thrones the Broadway Play?

We couldn't get enough of Game of Thrones and oh boy does HBO Max know it. There are now six spin offs in the works and now a Broadway play adaptation. George R.R. Martin the author and now a multi millionaire after signing a massive contract with HBO Max will be 'hands on'. Apparently the fact that George couldn't find the time to finish the original series and has been working on the last book 'The Winds of Winter' for over a decade doesn't bother them. I'm sure HBO Max has a bevy of writers who can't wait to jump on the Westeros bandwagon. As a reader of the books and watcher of the series, it was all a spicy sushi Dragon roll. Anticipation of enjoying a beautiful work of art, the delicious taste of the ingredients and then the heartburn of the final episode. I don't believe Mr. Martin will ever write the last book, why should he when there's so many ways to keep retelling the same story. Doesn't matter, I've already taken the black and sworn allegiance to the franchise.