20 years later, 3 Doors Down celebrate their hit debut album

While taking a listen to 3 Doors Down's debut album 'The Better Life' I'm reminded how good this band is. The hit is 'Kryptonite' but my favorite is 'Loser'. Check out the later acoustic version of this song. Without over dramatizing vocals the song emits such melancholy you want to call the help hotline for this guy. The anniversary deluxe box set comes out March 26 with a lot of goodies, bonus tracks and of course the album has been remastered. I've seen them live and the stage is really where this band lives. I would love to have walked into a bar one night and discovered 3 Doors Down on stage, they're that personal. It really comes through in their first and I think most raw album. 'The Better Life' is where 3 Doors Down takes you. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/3-doors-down-the-better-life-anniversary-box-set/