Are the Grammys tone deaf?

I watched the Grammys. I was one of the few. The Grammys had the lowest ratings in their history and that includes the streaming numbers. For someone who is a rock fan, there is just no reason to watch. The only nod to the genre was during the 'In Memoriam' segment when Bruno Mars did a rockin' tribute to Little Richard, as they should have. He was the 'architect' of rock and roll but they missed an opportunity to pay tribute to a man who inspired so many to pick up the guitar, Eddie Van Halen. Others had songs sung for them (rightly so) but where were the guitar players that could have performed or at least given Van Halen more than the few seconds he was allotted. The Grammys has seldom acknowledged rock or even picked bands for awards that represent the rock we listen to on the radio. Did no one tune in because of the lack of appeal or maybe no one tuned in because we're tired of watching the entertainment industry pat itself on the back? Maybe it's a little of both.