cassette tape, love it or hate it?

Lou Ottens the inventor of the cassette tape just passed away. Thank you Lou for the countless hours of joy and frustration your invention brought to me. The hundreds of tapes I threw into a box not even caring if they got scratched. The panic I felt when I found out I left that box out in sun. The pencils I searched for when I discovered the tape was pulled out of the cassette. The hours of fast forwarding through non labeled cassettes because I didn't know what the hell was on it. I might record over something great! Oh and the despair over re recording over my favorite mix tape because I didn't label it. Thank you Lou Ottens. The world owes a debt of gratitude for the music we were able to take with us in such a little 'walkman' and shove under the seats of our cars. RIP Lou Ottens. May your tape be forever tightly wrapped.