Is rock dead?

I'm as shocked as you are at the millage Gene Simmons has gotten out of this statement. How long are rockers going to lament and debate this subject? And I do mean rockers because nobody else seems to care. Outside of Adam Levine who asked 'where is the rock, if it's out there I haven't heard it'. It seems only rockers keep bringing up the subject. Of course rock isn't dead. Have you seen the money Metallica raked in from their last tour? Or the fact that people are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on vinyl, most of it classic rock, has to say something. Today there are different ways to listen to music and different music is considered rock. Adam needs to look in some other places because there are plenty of rock stations out there playing new rock bands. Alice Cooper said 'somewhere in a garage there's a young band learning Deep Purple and Black Sabbath'. But I think Angus Young said it best "If rock is dead, it's been a long, long, long funeral".