My favorite quote from Janis Joplin

My favorite quote from Janis Joplin is "On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people and then I go home alone" . There are many documentaries and books about Janis and they're all sad. Janis was one of the first women rockers trying to make her way through a world of men all trying to do the same thing she was, grab the spotlight. It's hard to imagine what it was like for her, but her loneliness is the one emotion that always stood out to me. Maybe that's why she sung the blues so convincingly. I've had my trials and tribulations growing up in a male dominated business but mostly I remember the fight to keep going. Janis went too early but we owe it to her memory and the gift of music she gave us to remember the fight she waged to get to the spotlight. Janis was a true 'rockstar'. On this, International Women's Day we remember and thanks for giving us a 'Piece of Your Heart' Janis.