Could there be too much new music coming out?

The amount of bands announcing new music coming out this year is nothing short of astounding. Godsmack announced not one but two albums of new music. One of them entirely acoustic, 'cool and vibey' to be expected. I felt bad for the bands unfortunate enough to release albums in late 2019 only to find themselves on Zoom trying to promote it instead of on stage in front of a room full of fans. Some bands like Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold said they're not even going to try to get an album out until a tour is confirmed. Until this last year, I never realized how much bands now rely on touring to sell albums. No wonder they complain about streaming. Metallica and Dave Grohl booked as many shows and charity events as possible to promote and sell their new product but what rock bands can get on national TV anytime they want? Metallica and the Foo Fighters, that's who. It's going to be a mad rush to book venues and an even bigger push to sell new music. I hope we're ready for the onslaught of creativity but I'm afraid some of it's going to be left in the dust. Though after 2020 I'd say these bands could play the 'alphabet song' and we'd be happy if nothing else just to be standing in the same room together at a concert. Yet I remain positive that we could be in for a wild ride of great music coming our way. Seatbelt in place, let's go!