The Sex Pistols on TV

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones once said "Actually we're not into music. We're into chaos". Interesting statement from a band that was named one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by Rolling Stone and widely considered to be the beginning of punk rock. Others may have been playing the music, but were they setting flags on fire, vomiting in airports or called the 'antithesis of humankind'? It took a lot to get that last comment. Their look alone is responsible for parents hiding every safety pin in the house and desperately trying to to get into the bathroom while hair was being spiked and dyed. It was a glorious time for rock as an entire genre took over the fashion scene with such ferocity it was scary. Music? oh that. It's angry, so so angry. Getting even close to the stage at a Sex Pistols show was taking your own life into your hands. Now a TV series called 'Pistol' will attempt to tell the story of this incredible band that had such a lasting influence. I hope FX doesn't pull any punches. Johnny Rotten won't have that.

Photo of Steve JONES and SEX PISTOLS and Johnny ROTTEN and Sid VICIOUS