"Born and raised in South Detroit" there is no 'South Detroit' Journey

Journey just hit a milestone of 1 billion streams of their song 'Don't Stop Believin '. They're one of two bands to accomplish that many streams for a single song, second only to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' mama mia... It's a Journey song that brings some controversy. As a Soprano's fan it's hard for me to not think of, well nothing because that's exactly what happened in the last episode of The Sopranos as Steve Perry sang away. Talk about a moment of panic as everyone's TV screen went blank. Then there's the little issue of geography. South Detroit is actually Windsor, Ontario because of the way the Detroit River flows. I suppose you could say 'Downriver' is South Detroit but being from 'Downriver' I'd prefer you didn't. There is a Southwest Detroit but that doesn't flow very well in the song. Even though we know it's not technically correct, it sure doesn't stop a Detroit crowd from belting out that one line from the song. So I won't be a spoil sport, sing away Detroit. Call it what you want, we still believe in our city.