Neal Schons Message To Steve Perry: Don’t Get In The Way Of Journey’s Plans

In a recent Facebook post, the guitarist shared some photos from their Stadium Tour with Def Leppard and wrote in the caption:

“How many of you would like to see a new Pro Documentary on Journey from this Co-Headline Stadium Tour with Def Leppard? Neal Schon Journey – Mike Savoia pics.”

Perry Also Earns From The Royalties

In a follow-up comment, Schon said:

“We are just awaiting a little nod from Steve Perry’s camp…”

Then, a fan asked the musician whether responsibility or blame should be on Perry if it doesn’t happen. Schon replied:

“We’d love Steve to partake in it, but if he chooses not to, I don’t think it would be right to close the door on us. After all, we’ve already done one documentary when ARNEL first came into the band now 17 years later and we’re back in stadiums. Steve also receives royalties from us ongoing for life so why would you wanna stifle something that you actually gain from?”

Journey toured with Def Leppard in 2006 and 2018. Schon previously reflected on his relationship with the Def Leppard members:

“We’ve always gotten along since we met. [It was] in ’82 or ’83 in Salt Lake City and we were playing a show and they were playing the same place the night after us. They came to the show and we met after it and became friends. I hadn’t really stayed in touch with anyone until management brought up this idea of touring together. I headed out to New York to do a lot of tour promo with [Def Leppard singer] Joe [Elliott], and we had a blast. The rest of the guys are really amazing, too. Vivian [Campbell], in the days he was playing with Dio, we shared a cover of Guitar Player magazine years back. They’re all great guys.”

The two bands are touring again this year. Their joint North American tour kicked off on July 6 in St. Louis. The 23-city trek tour will end on September 8.

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