Sebastian Bach Sends A Subtle Message To Skid Row

He took to his social media account to share a new picture of himself and his team. In the caption, he revealed going on his 42nd show without any cancellations and ‘whining.’ He wrote:

“San Diego! Tonight is the last show of the tour. This is show 42. Zero cancellations. Zero whining. But lots of drinking. The legend himself Willie Nelson is quoted as saying ‘Yes I wrote on the road again. I love to be on the road again with my family and my friends I can’t wait to get on the road again. But after six weeks on the road, I need to go home.’ That’s from Willie. Well, we are coming up on 10 weeks! So I am extremely proud of my band & crew for this incredible accomplishment. Stephen Mcguire, the top sound man in the business. Chris Montooth, the greatest Tour Manager / Monitor Engineer I have ever witnessed. Vinnie hustling the merch and filming incredible tour footage. Tom Edwards the badass who drives us 11 hours in a row through the desert. I love what all of us have accomplished together!!! Proud to call you all my friends.”

Last year, the band had to cancel numerous shows due to former frontman Erik Grönwall’s health issues. Although Grönwall eventually left the band, Bach’s recent comments about his tour might come out as a message for the band.

After Grönwall left the band, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale joined the rockers for the rest of their shows. Skid Row hasn’t canceled a show since Hale’s inclusion. Hale now left the band for good, but the remaining members still don’t see a reason for Bach to come back.

In different interviews, Dee Snider and Dave Sabo both shared their thoughts on the former frontman.

Although Snider loves Bach, he doesn’t think a reunion is likely. He said:

“Sebastian’s a very intense dude, and I love him, but just like my band, Twisted Sister, they came to hate me, and they wanted nothing to do with me. And I changed. I had an epiphany — I went through a lot of stuff in the ’90s and 2000s, and I’m a different person than I was back in the ’80s. I was a real a-hole back then. And so the band has reunited with me and we are friends. Until people just sort of get over themselves — all parties — it’s never gonna happen. It’s never gonna happen.”

Dave Sabo added in another interview, explaining why he doesn’t think Bach is no longer a fit for the band:

“We’ve been just ripped apart by ex-members of the band and stuff — ripped apart. Some really sh*tty stuff [has been] said about all of us. And we just choose not to [respond]. It’s not who I am. It’s not who we are. We won’t go down that road. We just wanna play music and be happy. This has really never been about a monetary aspect of things because it’s known that we’ve been offered a good amount of money to do shows together and to reunite [with Sebastian] and whatever, but it’s just never been about the money, man. I choose my happiness, my willingness to continue to be a really good friend to my best friends and a really good husband and a really good dad and bandmate and person. And I don’t wanna endanger that in any way. So the people that we choose to play with, those choices are made in order to keep those particular things in line for all of us.”

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