Bon Jovi Faces Backlash As Fans Find Out About Fake Signatures !

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“Buyers beware: Jon Bon Jovi [and] Bon Jovi store is sending out autopen signatures. Talk Shop Live is also sending out the same ones. The UK signatures appear to be hand signed.”

Another fan on Reddit also criticized Universal Music Group about the description on the official website saying ‘signed art card inserts signed by Jon Bon Jovi’:

“Don’t waste your money from UMG, these are autopens/fake autographs. Shame to see fraud like this happening on a wide scale. Wonder if Bon Jovi knows Universal Media Group is selling fakes?”

The issue split the fan base. Some fans were upset by the autopen signatures, while others didn’t mind. A fan commented under the Reddit post:

“Even with the fake sign, I don’t consider my money wasted because the ‘signed’ CD I bought was the same price as the non-signed version on the Bon Jovi website, so, at the end of the day, I still have the album that I paid for.”

A few people pointed out that the 62-year-old frontman was too old to sign everything by hand, but the post owner noted the CDs were sold as ‘signed by Jon Bon Jovi’ not ‘signed by a machine.’ So, someone else replied:

“Yes, and an autopen signature is considered to be signed by the person. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be allowed on legal documents. Also, there is a huge difference between ‘hand signed’ and ‘signed by.’”

Some fans outright doubted the use of autopen with one asking:

“Are we sure on this? There are photos of him signing stuff. I’ve yet to get mine. I’m in the US, but I also ordered it early. I do like his music. I’d hate to try to refund something, if it’s not right when I might get the CD anyway. I only bought one.”

Another fan explained:

“A photo of someone signing stuff doesn’t mean that’s what you’re sending to the customers… As someone who has been in the autograph industry for a long time and has handled/hosted dozens of signings, I can confirm those are autopen, and it’s due to sheer laziness of the signer and the greediness of the host.”

The principal autograph authenticator for Professional Sports Authenticator, Kevin Keating, confirmed to Cllct that some of the autographs were indeed made by autopen. Jon Bon Jovi and Universal Music Group are yet to comment on the matter.

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