Mark Tremonti Gives Update On Creed’s Reunion Tour

A few months ago, the band announced that they would be reuniting after 12 years. More recently, the guitarist shared in a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar that he would love it if the band started playing ‘Time’ from their 2009 album ‘Full Circle.’

Tremonti mentioned that the album hasn’t been as popular as their older stuff, but they were hoping to change that and give it a chance this time:

“So we’ll start playing more of those tunes, and you never know, we’ll probably try to play as much as we possibly can in the next year, maybe every song we’ve ever put on record.”

On July 19 last year, the band revealed they were back together and set to headline the Summer of ’99 cruise in April 2024. Then, on October 30, 2023, they dropped news about The Summer of ’99 Tour. Following the tour dates last year, they announced the ‘Are You Ready? Tour’ in February.

In addition to their tours, the rockers have some new music ideas and plans. Last month, Tremonti confirmed during a chat with Rock Feed that the band would start making new music after a 12-year hiatus. He said people have been asking for new music for so long and that they have a few things for it:

“It’s been something that people have been asking us for years about new music, so it’s just a matter of us getting back together be in the same room because it’s always a matter of timing for us. This cruise was 3 years in the making now so everything happened so quickly, it was so rapid fire, it was stuff that’s actually get music done for the surround of things. I’m sure the next time we get back out we’re going to have to have new music. Everybody’s been asking for it.”

Creed In Concert

Photo: Getty Images North America

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