Ted Nugent Celebrates ‘Record Attendance’ At His Return To The Stage

In 2023, Ted finished his Adios Mofo ’23 goodbye tour. In a chat with THAT Rocks!, the musician explained why he doesn’t want to travel and perform as much anymore:

“Hotels are jail. I hate jail… I will always play music. The music still has fire. I still crave it. I’ve got new songs. I’m gonna go in the studio with these killer musicians that are always at my side. But traveling, I tell you… A hotel room is jail… The travel and the hotels… And I don’t even have to go to TSA [Transportation Security Administration]; I mean, I gave the finger to them in 2009. If somebody doesn’t send a jet, I don’t go anywhere.”

Nugent Is Open To Do More Shows

“Well, my guitars are still breeding. My guitars are having an orgy right now in my man cave cuckoo’s nest. I play my guitar every day. I’ve got a band here in Texas — Jon Kutz on the drums and Johnny Big on bass and vocals, and we jam all the time. We do a bunch of Ted Nugent speakeasies, just some roustabout sh*tkicker rock and roll getdowns at various places around the state of Texas — sometimes spontaneous, sometimes it’s promoted. But I’ll still do gigs; I just won’t go on tour.”

His next performance on Speakezy Rockouts is on April 20 at the Grain in Hamilton. Nugent’s other shows are on April 26, May 3, and May 4.

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