Stephen Pearcy Is Done Trying To Bring Ratt Back

Stephen Pearcy revealed that he was done trying to get Ratt back together.

“I’ve reached out, and I’m pretty much done reaching out, to get the guys together, whether we bring in [ex-Ratt guitarist Carlos] Cavazo again or Michael Schenker, another guitarist. [They’re] still not gonna fill [Robbin] Crosby’s shoes ever, ever, ever, ever, but we can actually go out and do something cool for our fans, and that would be okay. But I’ve tried, and that’s about all I can do.”

Look, I created this monster and with Robbin as my right-hand man who is no longer with me to slap people around. There’s no fighting. All I can do is enjoy what we did.”

A while back, Pearcy mentioned in an interview that he felt like some of the band members were trying to ‘water down’ Ratt’s legacy. He realized this when the ‘The Atlantic Years’ box set came out in June 2023. The singer had no idea about the box set until then, and that’s when he started connecting the dots. He also called out the people who were trying to take control of Ratt and pointed out what they didn’t know about the box set:

“I’m starting to now assess that this box set’s a big signal, you know, leave it alone. You know, I don’t want to go. But the reason I took a right off the road with just our bass player guy is because it’s just two of us. And that was Juan [Croucier] trying to be the cheap there, and then you have Bobby [Blotzer] ‘s who tried it, but I can’t see watering down such a great- the legacy, I can’t water down the legacy of the group anymore and this box set, it is very appropriate, you know, even that, later, that record is appropriately titled and we didn’t even know it.”

Pearcy mentioned that Bobby Blotzer and Juan Croucier were the ones trying to take over, but Blotzer blamed Croucier for the band breaking up.

Pearcy discussed the chance of a Ratt reunion multiple times in the past. In another interview with That Rocks!, the lead singer was once more asked about a reunion. He said he got himself together and that he was no longer thinking of a reunion with a bunch of ‘clowns’:

“Yeah, and the reason being is I can’t; I’ve gotten my sh*t together, it’s taken years and years, and I’m not gonna die out there with these f*cking clowns. It just ain’t gonna happen. It’s not worth it; I’d rather be a happy guy. I mean, come on, I’m gonna go swimming naked with Christy here in a minute; that’s life. That’s living.”

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