Lou Gramm Decides To Quit Performing !

In a new interview with Lee Richey, Gramm confirmed that his 2024 performances would be his last. He explained:

“I’ve been doing it — Jeez — for almost 50 years, and I would like to turn my attention to my family and my muscle cars and just enjoy myself knowing that when I lay down at night, it’ll be in my own bed.”

The rocker revealed another factor for his retirement — the old age:

“This is gonna be it. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. And I still enjoy performing, but when you’ve been doing it for as long as I have — the travel is the worst. It really takes its toll. And that’s a sign that you’re getting old.”

Gramm has announced his intention to step away from the microphone before. Back in 2018, the singer declared that he had performed his last solo concert.

However, Gramm later clarified that he wasn’t completely abandoning live performances. He explained that he would still participate in occasional performances and has continued to tour actively, although on a smaller scale, since 2018. The rocker is now scheduled to join the Parti Gras tour this summer, alongside Bret Michaels, Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder.

Foreigner has been nominated for the 2024 class after a long fight that included both their fans and other rockers. Multiple rockers such as Paul McCartney, Josh Homme, Jack Black, and Slash have stated their thoughts on the matter, ultimately making it possible for the band to be one of the inductees.

Foreigner is preparing to participate in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. In the band’s words, if they receive the invitation, Gramm is prepared to join the event.

Songwriters Hall Of Fame 44th Annual Induction And Awards - Show

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