Paul Stanley Doesn’t Want To Replicate KISS

In a new interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Kiss rocker Paul Stanley revealed he doesn’t want to replicate Kiss.

In the interview, he was questioned about the possibility of collaborating with another band and, if he were to do so, whether he would consider revisiting the Kiss catalog to perform a few songs. As it appears, Stanley does not want to do anything that replicates his former band. He replied:

“I don’t want to try to replicate Kiss. That is what it is. And it’s so special and unique that it can only fail. If the idea is to duplicate that, that doesn’t have any appeal to me. I guess I would have to figure, what does appeal to me? That’s still up in the air. Certainly, at this point — and it always has been the case — it has to come down to, what makes me happy? If it doesn’t make me happy, the happiness it might bring somebody else is going to be hollow for me.”


Photo: AFP

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