Lions’ Jared Goff Sounds Off on Josh Reynolds After Drops

Media pundits will scrutinize Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell’s decisions to go for two fourth-down attempts in the second half of the NFC championship game all week. Fans may discuss it for the rest of the offseason. But there wouldn’t have been any second guessing on the first attempt if not for a drop from wide receiver Josh Reynolds.

The veteran wideout failed to secure a pass that would have converted the first fourth down. Then later in the third quarter, Reynolds dropped a third-down attempt that would have been another first down. That forced the Lions to punt.

Those two drops were hugely critical to the run of 27 straight points for the San Francisco 49ers in the second half.

But that didn’t stop Lions quarterback Jared Goff from defending Reynolds to reporters during his postgame press conference.

“Josh is a stud,” Goff told the media. “He made a mistake. We had plenty of mistakes out there. I missed throws. I took sacks. He made a mistake, and it happens.

“He’s an absolute stud.”

Goff added that there wasn’t anything he needed to say to Reynolds after the game.

Behind a 27-point second half, the 49ers came back to defeat the Lions, 34-31, in the NFC championship. Reynolds finished the defeat with 1 catch for 25 yards on 4 targets.

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NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

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