Founding Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has shared a cryptic New Year's message hinting at new music in the works. In a social media video, the 75-year-old icon revealed he's been busy in the studio.

"Happy New Year, everybody. We're in the studio, and, these people behind me actually work with me in the studio and I work with them. We've got Bill and we've got Mikey and TJ. TJ is right there. This is my crew that I work with throughout the year and some other guys that won't… They're not in the picture; they don't even wanna be in the picture. But we're making records still, so we'll see how all that works out."

Is Ward gearing up for a solo album? Is this something related to a new and unannounced band? While details remain shrouded in Sabbath-esque darkness, the mere mention of him "making records" is enough to ignite a mosh pit of speculation.

Ward was a driving force behind Black Sabbath's signature sound since the band's inception in 1968. His powerful drumming fueled classics like "Paranoid" and "Iron Man," and his departure from the band in the early 80s left a void that no replacement could truly fill. While he rejoined Sabbath for their 2011-2013 reunion, he wasn't behind the kit for their final tour

Black Sabbath Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images North America

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