When Will Steven Tyler Will Be Back On Stage With Aerosmith ?

Aerosmith had to postpone their 2023 dates, including a New Year’s Eve show due to Tyler’s serious vocal cord and larynx injury. The current ‘Peace Out’ tour celebrating five decades of Aerosmith’s music, was to conclude in January 2024 in Montreal. But Steven Tyler’s health problems didn’t allow it.

Perry’s announcement that they couldn’t perform on New Year’s Eve was like this:

“We’re so bummed we missed our New Year’s Eve show. But with any luck we will be back out late summer and fall of 24. And there’s always next New Year’s Eve! Stay tuned for that.”

Perry’s comments point to a hopeful return for Tyler and Aerosmith, with plans to continue touring in the late summer and fall of 2024.

Aerosmith Has Been Working On Remixes

As Tyler’s condition required more attention than initially anticipated, Aerosmith announced the postponement of their entire farewell tour to 2024. A statement from the band revealed the severity of Tyler’s condition, including a fractured larynx along with the vocal cord damage, necessitating ongoing care. In the meantime, Aerosmith is staying active musically. Joe Perry, in an interview with The Boston Globe, shared exciting news for fans:

“We have a ton of unreleased material coming out over the next year and a half with remixes and alternate takes.”

Steven Tyler isn’t taking his recovery time off either. In an update on social media, Steven Tyler said that while his throat is healing, he is using the time off to remix Aerosmith’s music. Tyler shared:

“Throat’s on the mend, but my ears still work! So, in the meantime, it’s studio time. Starting re-mixing Aerosmith Aerosmith.”

We will be keeping an eye on the remixed versions of their old songs and their return to the stage in the new year.

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