Mick Mars Names Two Guitarists That Nobody Can Copy

In a recent Rock of Nation’s podcast participation, Motley Crüe guitarist shared why no one can duplicate Eddie’s guitar playing with the inclusion of Randy Rhoads. He said:

“No one can ever duplicate (Eddie). No one. I mean, look how many people are trying to imitate Jimi [Hendrix] after all these years. It doesn’t work. You can hit the notes, but you know what? The hands, your feel, the way that you connect with your guitar, or whatever instrument that it is you’re playing is different.”

Mars considers Randy Rhoads to be one of the guitarists who are impossible to imitate. He stressed the difficulties Satriani had playing Eddie’s guitar parts on the ‘The Best of All Worlds’ tour of Van Halen classics. Mars continued by saying nobody can imitate or copy Rhoads or EVH:

“When you get somebody as good as Satriani that goes, like, ‘I can’t play this lick,’ an Eddie lick… He’s Eddie Van Halen. Or he’s Randy Rhoads, dude. You’ll never copy it. You can mimic it, but not copy it. So that’s the way I feel. If you can stand behind a curtain, you can certainly tell who’s who.”

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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