Nikki Sixx Accuses Mick Mars Of Manipulating Crüe Fans

Sixx took to Twitter, expressing concern about false information that he believed was misleading fans, especially after ‘The Dirt’ came out on Netflix and the band started their Stadium Tour:

“Interestingly, since our movie came out on Netflix and The Stadium Tour kicked off, the amount of impromptu slagging from a laundry list of people (most of whom we don’t even know) has been coming out. The only part that bothers me is the lies that confuse fans. What do you think it is?”

Upon seeing this tweet, music journalist and podcast host Mitch Lafon chimed in, revealing their producer Tom Werman countered these claims:

“Tom Werman said this to me in an email about you playing on the albums he produced, ‘He sure did play every note on all the albums I did with them — on ‘Shout at the Devil,’ he even played with his arm in a sling because he crashed his car…'”

After that, Sixx went on to accuse Mars of spreading falsehoods and lying to Crüe fans:

“Mick lied to his and our fans and started these rumors. Sadly. You just don’t do that to your fans to just get press to try to sell a solo album which I’ve heard.”

Sixx’s Previous Remarks On The Matter

Addressing Mars’ departure, Sixx mentioned in an interview with Planet Rock that the band had to decide between discontinuing or moving forward without him. Choosing the latter, Sixx conveyed understanding towards Mars’ health issues but felt the guitarist might be getting misled by his representatives.

A fan’s comment on the X platform escalated matters when Mars’ allegations against Sixx were brought up. Sixx responded, expressing disappointment at how lawyers, in his opinion, might be manipulating the narrative and causing confusion among longtime fans:

“The saddest part, actually heartbreaking for us, is how his lawyers who are billing him 100’s thousands of dollars are directly through the press lying to the actual fans. So hard for us to see our fans of decades so confused by maliciousness, but we soldier on and do our best.”

Adding to the narrative, Carmine Appice conveyed Mars’ concerns about the authenticity of Mötley Crüe’s performances. Sixx swiftly refuted these allegations.

Mick Mars’ album, ‘Another Side Of Mars,’ is set to be released soon, with some sources hinting at delays possibly caused by his disputes with the Crüe.

Def Leppard And Mötley Crüe "The World Tour" At Sheffield Bramall Lane

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