Joe Perry says “this is it” for Aerosmith !

The time has come for Aerosmith to hang up their guitars and microphones, says founding member Joe Perry in a new interview.

Perry says that Aerosmith’s current ‘Peace Out’ farewell tour is well and truly the band’s last.

“I really do think it is it,” Perry says. “If you look at how old we are, the fact that we can still go out and play as a band is still pretty remarkable.”

“It’s sad that Joey [Kramer] can’t go out; he’s given everything he has to give physically, but the rest of us can still do it.”

“But we never want to get to the point where we feel like we can’t play the way we used to,” he adds. “So yeah, I think this is it.”

The guitarist also thanked fans for their love and support over the decades, saying “I’m just so thankful to the fans because without them we wouldn’t still be here.”

“Our career has been a blessing and sometimes I still can’t believe it. When we started, I never imagined we’d be here doing this 50 years later. To have it be the same guys out there together at the end is amazing, and I’m very thankful for that too.”

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