The Most Popular Fast-Food Chain In Michigan

Fast food hamburgers

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Do you have a favorite fast-food restaurant?

There are many fast-food restaurants scattered throughout each state. Some of these establishments are known around the world, while others are unique to a particular state. For example, you can find a McDonald's just about anywhere in the United States, but what about a Runza or a Skyline Chili? Those restaurants are wildly popular in their respective states, but many regions across the country do not even know they exist. Similarly, some fast-food chains are more common in the South, while others are more common in the North. This is the same for the West vs. the East Coast. In-N-Out is well known across California, but what about Dunkin' Donuts? While it may be known, it is certainly not as beloved to locals as it is in the Northeastern region of the United States.

According to a list compiled by All Recipes, the most popular fast-food chain in Michigan is Little Caesars.

Here's what All Recipies had to say about compiling the data to discover the most popular fast-food restaurants in each state:

"By conducting a state-by-state overview and selecting the most searched fast-food drive-thru, the team found there to be several distinctions, in addition to general increases in searches as a whole, across the United States. By examining the search terms and chains, we're assuming those are likely the most desired and frequently visited, too."

For a continued list of the most popular fast-food restaurants across the country visit

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