Officials Urging Michigan Residents To 'Squish This Insect' Immediately

Closeup of spotted lanternfly; Lycorma delicatula

Photo: iStockphoto

"See it. Squish it. Report it."

According to MLive, that is what the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is urging residents to do should they come in contact with a Spotted Lanternfly. This insect is extremely invasive to the region and is known to feast on 70 different plant species throughout the state. Rob Miller, MDARD’s invasive species prevention and response specialist, mentioned that the message has been issued to Michiganders as a precautionary measure stemming from spotted lanternfly issues in other states.

“We’ve heard reports of spotted lanternflies swarming New York City and covering beaches on the Jersey Shore. We’d like to prevent similar scenarios in Michigan." He continued, “If you see a spotted lanternfly, yes, we really do want you to squish it if you can. Then, take a photo or two and report it… It’s important to get to know what the spotted lanternfly looks like, though, because we don’t want to target harmless native insects with pretty wings.”

These insects are very easy to distinguish due in part to the black spots that cover the tops of their translucent wings. MLive mentioned that one population of spotted lanternflies is currently "being managed" in Pontiac, Michigan, but that number could grow depending on the rate at which the species lay eggs, and where they are able to "hitchhike."

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