Michigan Lighthouse Offers Free Stay To Anyone Who Finds Message In Bottle

Message in a bottle

Photo: Moment RF

The White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society recently dropped four glass bottles into the Mackinac Straits, each containing a message offering a free stay at the White Shoal Lighthouse to anyone who can locate them. According to a Facebook post shared by the Preservation Society, four lucky, observant individuals will win a different stay at the tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes depending on the bottle that they find.

"Today we are launching 4 bottles containing messages from the crib of White Shoal Light. The messages have been written by Luke, Alivia, Layla, and Julie, descendants of Keeper George Keller. Besides the written messages, each bottle will contain a prize to be claimed by the finder of the bottle. There is no expiration date for redeeming these prizes."

Bottle number one contains a message detailing a three-night stay for two people with the choice of staying in a queen room located on the lighthouse's third or sixth deck. The second and third bottles contain a message detailing a three-night stay for one individual in a twin room. And last, but certainly not least, the fourth bottle offers five lucky individuals the opportunity to stay in both the queen room and the twin room for three nights, entirely free!

There is no expiration date for each stay, regardless of when the bottles are found. Each large glass bottle features a gold "X" on the front and is sealed with a cork.

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