'Run For Your Life': What Spider Season Means For Michiganders This Year

Photo: Getty Images

It might be spider season in Michigan, but it's not all bad news!

According to Click On Detroit, there is a very logical explanation as to why Michiganders have been seeing more spiders than usual in recent weeks. The arachnids' population did not necessarily increase; these insects are just more visible as summer comes to a close. This is because male spiders crawl out of the woodwork to mate with female spiders as fall arrives each year.

While the population might appear to have increased, Click On Detroit mentioned that spider mating season is actually good news for humans. As these arachnids mate, they spend more time finding a partner to reproduce with and less time invading your space and finding their way into your home!

If there are already a few spiders in your home, they might roam around in pursuit of a nearby mate, but outside spiders will not be seeking shelter indoors anytime soon. Click On Detroit noted that less than 5% of spiders in your home have ever encountered the outdoors. The ones that do live outside are well-adjusted to the cold through an adaptation process referred to as "cold-hardening."

So, if you see an influx of spiders in the next couple of weeks, do not be alarmed because it is merely mating season.

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