Here's When Fall Colors Will Peak Across Michigan This Year

Scenic view of Cuyahoga River in Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the autumn forest

Photo: Moment RF

Michigan is a beautiful place to observe the annual wonder that is fall foliage, and each region of the state experiences peak colors at different times. According to an interactive map depicted on, certain sections of Michigan will reach optimum fall foliage before others. As of today, (September 11th) most of the state (except for the western and southern borders) is experiencing "minimal" fall foliage.

By September 18th, Michiganders and travelers alike can expect "patchy" fall foliage across the northeastern regions of the state, with the western and southern borders still experiencing no colorful foliage. Finally, on September 25th, the beautiful colors will stretch across the entire state, but only minimally across the western and southern borders.

By October 2nd, much of the state will be near peak fall foliage, while the western and southern borders remain patchy with color. After waiting an entire month, by October 9th, the north, northeast, and middle regions of the state will be experiencing peak fall foliage. This means that locals and travelers will get to experience these highly-anticipated colors at their finest and fullest of the entire year. By the time the western and southern borders of Michigan experience peak foliage, the rest of the state will be past peak. mentioned that while the foliage map is only a mere prediction of what is to come, it can be a great tool for travelers looking to visit the state specifically to enjoy the autumn views.

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