Michigan Restaurant Serves The Best $10 Meal In The Entire State

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You can't go wrong with a $10 meal.

At some restaurants, $10 can go a long way. Some meals will be compromised of a large entree and a side, or a smaller entree and multiple sides with a drink depending on where you choose to dine. A few establishments might even throw in an appetizer for the right price. The city you live in and which part of town you choose to eat at can also determine how much bang you will get for your buck.

For example, it might be harder to find a $10 meal in an expensive city on the fanciest side of town versus a casual diner located in a more affordable area. Regardless of where you live, there are a handful of restaurants scattered across the country that serve quality meals for just $10, but there is one known for being the absolute best in your state!

According to a list compiled by Cheapism, the best place to enjoy a $10 meal in Michigan is at Jean Kay’s Pasties and Subs in Marquette. Cheapism recommended ordering the pasties.

Here's what Cheapism had to say about the best $10 meal to order in the entire state:

"Pasties are a specialty in upper Michigan hailing from Cornwall, England. The hand-sized savory pies traditionally have a filling of beef and root vegetables that get baked inside of a crust. At Jean Kay’s, try steak, steak with rutabaga, and vegetarian pasties for $7 or head to Joe’s Pasty Shop where they have the traditional version as well as twists like a breakfast pasty with eggs, bacon, and ham and a cheeseburger pasty with beef, bacon, cheddar, potatoes, and onions."

For a continued list of the best $10 meals to order across the country visit cheapism.com.

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