Michigan Woman Buys Lottery Ticket At Work, Wins Big Before Shift Starts

Photo: Getty Images

40-year-old Shawna Foerster purchased a lottery ticket at Bruno's Bar in St. Johns right before her shift started and could not have predicted the good fortune that was about to come her way. According to UPI, Foerster bought a Club Keno ticket with $10 that she found in her pocket, and the rest was history. The winner explained her decision process behind purchasing the ticket.

"I was about to start my shift at Bruno's and had $10 in my pocket, so I decided to buy a Club Keno ticket. As I was looking at the terminal, my co-worker, Jack, suggested I add The Jack to my ticket, so I did, and the rest is history."

During her shift, Foerster scanned the ticket and discovered that she had won $197,296!

"Later in my shift, I scanned the ticket on the terminal, and it printed a receipt saying I needed to claim my prize at the lottery office. I figured I had won $1,000 or so, it wasn't until later when I downloaded the lottery app and scanned my ticket that I realized I had won $197,296."

Foerster shared that the winnings will go towards her daughter's college fund and a savings account for a "rainy day."

"Winning this prize is life changing for my family. It means we'll be able to save for a rainy day and not worry as much about having a cushion to fall back on."

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