Ozzy Osbourne Shouldn’t Make A Wheelchair-Bound Comeback

Former Accept and current UDO frontman Udo Dirkschneider recently appeared on The Metal Interview podcast to discuss the band’s most recent release, old members rejoining the band, and Ozzy Osbourne’s health. While chatting about the Black Sabbath frontman, Dirkschneider made it clear that he believes Osbourne can no longer tour due to his health issues.

The UDO frontman opened up about Osbourne’s current health status. He was asked about his thoughts on Osbourne and whether or not he thinks he could perform live again due to his medical issues. Dirkschneider replied:

“In my opinion, I’d say no. I don’t think that he will come back.”

The rocker then explained why he doesn’t think Osbourne could be back on stage by mentioning an early interview of his:

“I mean, in some interview, he said, ‘I’ll come out with a chair on stage.’ I mean, come on. I think this is over. For me, personally — that’s my personal opinion. I don’t know that he will be back on stage.”

Osbourne had to draw himself back from performing live many times due to his health problems. The most recent draw-back occurred this July when Osbourne shared an official statement about his current health status and that he won’t be making it to the Power Trip Festival. The performance was going to be his first in five years. The rocker stated that he didn’t want his first show in five years to be ‘half-assed.’

Osbourne got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2020 and also underwent several surgeries for a years-old spinal injury that limited his mobility, for which he had to cancel many shows and tours.

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