Paul Stanley Says Whether He’ll Work With Gene After KISS Retirement

KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently opened the newest location of his restaurant, Rock & Brews, in Milwaukee. It is a chain restaurant founded by Stanley and the band’s bassist Gene Simmons with the concept of American cuisine and a rock ‘n’ roll theme. During a recent interview with Milwaukee Bussiness Journal, Stanley shared the details of the two bandmates’ business.

When asked how the concept behind the restaurant first started, Stanley responded with the following:

“I always believed if you please yourself, you please other people. The idea of second-guessing people is where you get into trouble. If you do something that fills the need in you, you do something that fills the need in others. There is a commonality between all of us, so this is really the Rock & Brews is a concept that is really the kind of place that I would want to come to.”

Stanley then recalled the times he took his kids to eat out and not being able to find quality places. He continued:

“There was a time when my kids were smaller, and I wanted to take them out to eat; I had to take them to a place where they got cardboard pizza served by a giant rat. This is a place where you can have quality food. A lot of Rock & Brews are pet friendly. It’s also a place where you can hang out with your adult friends. The food is fantastic, which is ultimately what it’s got to be about. It can’t be about selling a T-shirt.”

The restaurant’s frontman began listing the reasons why he believes his restaurant is outstanding from the others:

“The T-shirt should be the memory of having a great time, but it has to stand on its own. Our food is fantastic. Again, this is not a cookie-cutter operation. I think that each Rock & Brews has to fill a need in the area. What ultimately gives this place its identity are the people that come here and the staff. The staff is local. It’s really a matter of what I would like, and that will more than likely be something that you will like.”

Pauls statement makes it evident that he and Simmons will keep working together even after the band’s retirement, even if it’s through their business ventures.

The restaurant was founded ten years ago and focused on serving American cuisine alongside the specific location’s cuisine and community. When first established, the frontman revealed his goal to open 50 areas under two years and 500 in five years.

Although this latest location is only the twenty-third, it has been on the plan since last year, expected to have a place big enough to include 200 guests with a double-sided bar, gaming machines, a stage for live music, and a private dining room for parties and events.

KISS In Concert - Inglewood, CA

Photo: Getty Images North America

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