Ted Nugent Wants Elon Musk To Quit Wasting Time And Act

Nugent argued Musk is ‘wasting his time’ and praised his wife Shemane:

“Hey, Elon Musk, I don’t know what you’re doing with that stupid-looking truck you built. Well, you’re wasting your time. What you need to do is to reinstate my wife, Shemane, on Twitter. My wife Shemane is the kindest soul. She’s like Mother Theresa. She’s like Joan the Archangel. She’s like an angel, and she’s banned from Twitter.”

Ted also stated her wife’s suspension from Twitter due to violating its policy by spreading misinformation ‘anti-American’ and ‘anti-freedom.’ He also called his fans to action:

“This censorship, this anti-American, anti-freedom bullshit has got to stop. Everybody get a hold of the dirtbags at Twitter and say ‘Let Mrs Nugent back on.'”

He continued by promoting his wife’s book, and claimed that she saved lives by writing it:

“She’s a kind, good, loving, helpful woman who is literally saving lives with her number one book on Amazon and she’s banned from Twitter. Shemane has this killer book called ‘Killer House,’ and you know, there’s a lot of people out there with health problems. And it’s mostly because you have poison chemical warfare in your home.”

In 2021, Shemane Nugent was banned from Twitter because she shared an IG reels in which she ‘jokes’ about Donald Trump coming back as the U.S President. After her account got suspended, she hopped on IG and wrote about ‘Christian conservatives getting supressed:’

“Well, it’s happening. Big tech wants to suppress Christian conservatives. I would love for someone to tell me how I violated Twitter’s rules. Read the information above. My last tweet was a funny IG reels video I did about Trump coming back. That’s offensive? It’s sad to think we trusted them with our lives and businesses. Many people use social media to promote their workshops & products. Newspaper & magazine subscriptions have steadily declined. So where can you go to share positive messages and advertise your company? Not on twitter, if you’re a conservative apparently.”

Ted Nugent In Concert At The House Of Blues

Photo: Getty Images North America

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