Margot Robbie Admits She Loves Death Metal

During the interview, Robbie shared that she’s also been a fan of pop and rock musicians in different periods of her life. As an example, the actress said she was obsessed with the Beach Boys to the point of avoiding the Beatles’ music and explained:

“I had watched a documentary about how the Beach Boys would have been even more popular if the Beatles hadn’t come along and stolen the limelight.”

Mentioning the Spice Girls’ influence on her, she further added:

“The Spice Girls changed everything and dictated my version of second-wave feminism. It’s like, ‘Oh, my God, they wear little sparkly dresses and push-up bras and then have a girl gang? That’s what I want to be!'”

Still, Margot believes she has a tie with the metal genre. Back in January, while telling Graham Norton about a Slipknot concert she attended, she said:

“I remember going to this Slipknot concert, and I was on ‘Neighbours’ at the time, and it was the most I’d ever been recognized. I have never had more people come up to me than at a Slipknot concert.”

The ‘Harley Quinn‘ actress added to her point as follows:

“The crossover between; it wasn’t monster trucks and Slipknot; it was ‘Neighbours’ and Slipknot. For some reason, everyone kept coming up, and it was so unexpected. […] They were so invested in ‘Neighbours’ and Slipknot, so I don’t know; I genuinely like that type of music.”

Margot Robbie’s love for metal music isn’t the only link between ‘Barbie’ and the genre. Her co-star, Ryan Gosling, recently made a reference to Metallica in the music video of ‘Just Ken.’ This video also featured performances from Guns N’ Roses’ Slash and Wolfgang Van Halen.

"Barbie" European Premiere - Arrivals

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