Don Brewer On Grand Funk Railroad’s Possibility To Reunite With Mark Farner

In a recent appearance on Artists On Record hosted by Stefan Adika, Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad replied to a fan question about the possibility of a Mark Farner reunion, who left the band in 1998.

“I used to say never say never, but you know, I really don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Brewer was also asked to name the drummer who influenced him in the same question. His response is as follows:

“One of my all-time favorite drummers was Dino Danelli from the Rascals. I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show, and I was like, ‘Holy crap, this guy is amazing.’ One of my all-time favorite bands was the Rascals.”

It is publicly known that the relationship between the band and Mark Farner is not smooth sailing. After Grand Funk Railroad announced a US tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their 1973 single and album, ‘We’re An American Band,’ the former member questioned the validity of the tour without the original members, saying:

“You mean the Grand Fraud tour? [Laughs] Yeah, the Grand F-a-u-x Railroad. It’s too bad. ‘Cause it’s really dishonest. As legal as it may be, it is completely dishonest to the fans, and the fans are taking a slap in the face,

Despite his criticism of his ex-band, Farner had also explained his willingness to reunite with Grand Funk Railroad in an interview he joined last month. However, considering Brewer’s recent statements, there seems to be no positive development on this issue yet.

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