Don Henley, the Only Remaining Original Member of The Eagles, Now at 75

Now, it's official that this will be the band's last tour, but Henley was thinking about retiring from performing live as far back as 2017.

"I turned 70 this past July. [Bassist] Timothy Schmit turns 70 today [October 30th]. Joe's 70th is coming up at the end of November," Henley told Rolling Stone in 2017. "If we can go out and deliver quality performances that our fans have come to expect and that our fans deserve, then we'll probably do some more shows. But when the quality of the performance starts diminishing, I think we'll need to think about hanging it up."

Henley has also talked about not being a fan of hearing his music when he's not working. "After 44 years, you just really don't want to hear 'em when you're off," he told CBS News in 2016. "When I'm off duty, I'd rather listen to somebody else, or just silence. Silence is good. You don't get much of it these days anywhere. So I'm a big fan of silence."

Look for the Eagles and Steely Dan at The LCA Oct.13

The Eagles In Concert - Las Vegas, NV

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