Alex May Release Van Halen’s Unreleased Songs

Gary Cherone confirmed some unreleased Van Halen songs from his time in the band and said it was up to Alex Van Halen whether to release them or not.

Recalling his three-year stint in Van Halen, the frontman explained:

“After the ‘VH III’ and then we toured, we went back in the studio, and we wrote a bunch of songs. Some of them are just rough demos; some of them were more finished products. As far as if they ever see the light of day, I don’t know, maybe someday. Alex Van Halen is the boss of that, but you never know. But I can say some of those songs are really good.”

Cherone’s words came after the former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony opened up about the unreleased Van Halen material in an interview with Eddie Trunk in April. He said there was tons of stuff in their archive, and they began to work on unearthing them.

“There is a plan. We’re starting a bunch of the reissue stuff with the Sammy [Hagar] years, with all his albums, and the first one that will come out will be the ‘Right Here, Right Now’ live album that we did in 1992… So there is movement in there. We’re digging back into stuff. There’s a lot more stuff at Ed’s 5150 studio; Wolfie or Alex will start going through stuff there and see what there is. There’s a ton of stuff.”

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