Jeff Beck’s Final Effort Is On Ian Hunters New Solo Album

The singer discussed the creative process of the record, his collaborators, and how the studio sessions went down as the topic drifted to the late Foo Fighters drummer Hawkins, who featured on seven different songs through the first two parts of the album. Ian paid homage to Taylor, recalling his great spirits in the studio and his wish to play on the whole of the four-parted record.

Hunter then moved on to Beck and detailed how the late guitarist was involved in the album. He recalled how Johnny Depp introduced the guitarist as both the actor and Beck wished to play on Ian’s record. Although the singer knew Depp personally, he hadn’t met Jeff yet, but their collaboration proved influential.

Ian continued discussing how Beck’s last sessions in the studio were most likely spent for his solo album, as the guitarist’s manager reported. The singer especially pointed out a track on the album, ‘Third Rail,’ which featured Jeff’s lengthy guitar riffs as the late rocker took the lead on this song and played all through it.

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

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