Alice Cooper’s Formula To Be A ‘Star’

Alice Cooper talked about stars and how they become one. When the interviewer Dino Orlando asked him whether he was a glamorous star, the rocker replied, “I think [that] if you assume yourself to be a star, then you are a star.” Dino then asked him how he compared himself to movie stars. Cooper said, “Well, they’re glamorous today.” The interviewer then argued that movie stars like Paul Newman didn’t think in terms of glamour. The singer responded, “He’s not glamorous, but he’s an enormous star.”

Orlando made his point, revealing he believed Cooper created glamour. Upon hearing this, the shock rocker said, “Well, if you create an image, you can create glamour. I think I create an image. Bela Lugosi was glamorous because there was only one Bela Lugosi. There was nobody even near him. He was no competition. He was a star because he was unique. That’s what makes you a star. You have to be a very arrogant person to be a star. You don’t have to be that in with people. But when you’re in the general public, you have to be arrogant, I think.”

So, Alice Cooper believed that one became a star if one assumed themselves to be. However, the musician said there was a fine line between being glamorous and being a star. According to Cooper, an artist could create glamour if they could only create an image, and he was among those who made it. Moreover, he said one became a star if they had unique talents and were arrogant to the general public.

Alice Cooper Live In Sydney

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

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