Michigan Couple Go Viral For Driving A Magic School Bus For Dogs

Dog in a bus

Photo: Getty Images

One unique couple from Michigan has gone viral for operating a magic school bus for dogs.

Mo and Lee Thompson started a business in Alaska where they pick up dogs in their area and drive them to a hiking sport so they can get their energy out with their best friends. “I'm like the weird dog lady. That's like, my strange quirk," Mo told WZZM-13 News.

Lee and Mo moved to Alaska in 2014. Mo began walking her friends' dogs while they worked long hours. Eventually, the clients began to stack up and Mo realized that riding a bike while walking the dogs wouldn't work for much longer. At the same time, Lee's schedule as a paraprofessional at a nearby school was cut to part-time and he was able to jump in and help out.

That's when the bus came in. “The bus was always like my dream because everybody can have their own individual space," Mo said. Each dog has been trained to hop on board and find their seat —calmer dogs in the front and more hyper dogs in the back. They then get buckled in for the ride.

Mo and Lee gained national attention when they began posting their adventures online. “I was posting online for their owners to go home and watch my Facebook and Instagram stories. So they could just see where their dog was going and what they're up to.” Now, Mountain Mutts has amassed more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok. Check out one of their videos below.

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