Michigan Woman Finds Terrifying Messages Hidden Inside Her Online Order


Photo: Getty Images

A Michigan woman recently received a package from a well-known clothing website and got much more than what she ordered.

The woman, whose name is Amanda (@michigansmiles84) posted her delivery on TikTok January 20 —along with the concerning messages that came with it. 6 notes that said "You are going to die in this suit" were tucked inside the dress she purchased. Check out the video below.

"I am scared and worried and called local police. This is not a joke. I will not be wearing or trying on this dress, even if it is a joke," she captioned the post and tagged the company, asking what it was all about. Amanda later posted an update saying that she still has a large order on the way, but this piece came separately. She received another item from her order a couple of days later, but there were no notes in the bag.

Amanda also said she's been continuously reaching out to the company. After days of no response, she finally got ahold of a live chat representative on January 24 who said a supervisor would email her. She still has the dress, but she doesn't know if she'll start the return process or burn it altogether.

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