Gene Simmons Says KISS Still Have A Lot More To Offer

It’s like the band is giving their fans a last call at the bar, one last hurrah before closing time. So, let’s be honest, KISS knows how to throw a party, and as we can see from Gene Simmons’ words, the band still has new ammunition to use, so fans can expect more from the band.

Yes, you heard right. Gene Simmons has assured fans that the band has much more to offer. In an interview with Vintage Guitar Magazine, Simmons was asked if there were plans for more installments from the band.

“Yeah. We have a large, temperature-controlled vault,” Gene said about KISS’ ‘Off The Soundboard’ releases. “There’s an awful lot of material in there. It’s always just about having some downtime to go in there and say, ‘Let’s see what we’ve got.’”

The bassist’s comments about the band’s vault of material have certainly piqued fans’ interest. While KISS has released a steady stream of new music throughout their career, the idea of previously unreleased material is exciting for fans. It’s unclear which live shows will be used for the next release of their official live bootleg series, but the band’s fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting more information.

The band has always been known for its innovative and exciting live performances as four guys on stage with makeup and offering extremely hard live shows. The band’s iconic costumes and makeup, pyrotechnics, and elaborate stage setups have become a staple of their live shows. With Simmons’ recent comments, it looks like fans might have the chance to experience the band’s most iconic live performances in different formats.

Gene Simmons’ recent comments have left fans wondering what the band has in store for them in the future. While some questions are left unanswered, one thing is for sure: KISS continues to have a dedicated and passionate fanbase, and they will no doubt be excited to hear what the band has in store.

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