Nickelback Signal They Are Ready To Tour

judging by a recent post they shared on Twitter, along with a video filled with their fans’ comments, eagerly waiting for them to tour. It seems that the act will not leave this call unanswered. Although the details are not clear yet, we know they will be on the road this year. We have to wait a bit to see the place and dates.

The band’s Twitter post read, “Recently spent some time in the comment section. Looks like we might be busy this year…” As you probably know, Nickelback released ‘Get Rollin’’ in mid-November last year. Following the record, in which they brought heavy metal elements to the forefront of their sound, the fans have enthusiastically waited for a promotion tour. It seems like the long-awaited moment is about to come.

The Canadian band has reduced its live shows considerably in recent years. Although they appear on the stage occasionally, their number has decreased significantly since 2019 due to the pandemic. However, their new album seems to have given them a breath of fresh air, and fans are already excited about a possible tour while also enjoying the record.

So far, the band has seen five big tours, the last of which was the No Fixed Address Tour in 2014. So, this announcement is pretty big news. It had also been five years since they met the audience with new material. Apparently, the long wait is finally over, and this year, fans seem to be getting their fill of Nickelback after a long hiatus.

Nickleback With Bush In Concert

Photo: Getty Images North America

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