According to Cynthia ... John Lennon’s Temper Could Be ‘Frightening’

While attending college, Lennon began a relationship with Cynthia Lennon, then Cynthia Powell. In her 2005 memoir, she later described the highs and lows of her relationship

John’s temper could be frightening and at times I felt torn to pieces by him,” Lennon wrote. “All sense of reason disappeared and his tantrums were awesome. He would batter away at me verbally until I gave in, overwhelmed by the force of his determination. Then he would be back to his usual self, apologetic and loving.”

Cynthia Lennon detailed some highs of their school-era relationship. For their first Christmas together, John Lennon drew a card with the inside reading “Our first Christmas, I love you, yes, yes, yes,” a similar theme to the Beatles’ song, “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

John and Cynthia Lennon officially married in 1962, with the couple having their son, Julian, shortly after. The two divorced in 1968 after John Lennon began his whirlwind romance with artist and activist Yoko Ono

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