Andy Scott Says Zeppelin Once Avoided Seeing Sweet By Moving Their Hotel

Known for their glam rock image, Sweet dominated the charts during the 1970s with hit singles like ‘Funny Funny,’ ‘The Ballroom Blitz,’ and ‘Fox on the Run.’ Although their popularity declined over the years, the band is still a source of influence for new-generation musicians. Considering the British rock scene of the early 1970s, Sweet and Led Zeppelin experienced the same period as the two prominent acts of the time.

They both rose to fame when rock music was thriving and hit the charts with memorable pieces but different styles. Since both bands were touring relentlessly due to their popularity, they bumped into each other several times. When asked whether they’d ever crossed paths as they shared the same circle, Andy Scott shared a little anecdote about Led Zeppelin.

The guitarist said they would see each other during their Europe tours, as both acts played in the same venues and events. Once, the musician heard a rumor that Led Zeppelin changed their hotel in Denmark when they discovered that the Sweet members were staying at the one they had booked. Andy jokingly said that he thought Led Zeppelin members were bigger ‘hellraisers’ than them but added that although he has met Robert Plant a few times, he has failed to ask whether the story was true.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

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