Michigan Robber Helps Steal 76+ Guns, Friend Turns On Him For Reward Money

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A Michigan man recently turned in his friend and his brother after they helped steal at least 76 guns in Westland and Dearborn Heights, according to Click On Detroit.

Last Monday (September 12), a man went to the Westland Police and told them one of his friends, Keondrick Rayford, was among the individuals involved in a string of robberies. He said he wanted to cooperate with police in order to receive the $20,000 reward for information about the people involved in the incidents.

The robberies took place at a Westland CVS and CC Coins Jewelry and Loan in Dearborn Heights. The man said Rayford had come over to his house on September 11 and showed him a backpack full of guns. He also told police Rayford was wearing the same clothes as one of the robbers at CC Coins Jewelry and Loan, which he recognized after seeing a video from the robbery on the news. He turned over footage from Rayford's visit, captured on his Ring doorbell, and police confirmed his identity.

In addition, the man claims Rayford texted him a story about the robbery the next day, and said he was on the news. They then discussed the possibility of the man buying one of the stolen guns.

Keondrick Rayford and his brother Kendrick were both arrested on September 13. Keondrick admitted to robbing CC Coins Jewelry and Loans, but Kendrick claimed he did not participate in the robberies.

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