Pattie Boyd Says She Wanted Eric Clapton To Give Her Royalties For ‘Layla’

One of the most famous stories in music history is the love triangle between Eric Clapton, the Beatles icon George Harrison, and his wife, Pattie Boyd. Although Boyd was married to Harrison, it didn’t prevent Clapton from falling in love with her. After much effort, Clapton convinced Boyd to be in a relationship with him and then marry, even though it was short-lived.

This famous love triangle inspired the Beatles’ classics, ‘I Need You,’ ‘Something,’ and Clapton’s ‘Layla,’ ‘Wonderful Tonight,’ and ‘Bell Bottom Blues.’ When Clapton released ‘Layla‘ in 1970 during his time with Derek and the Dominoes, Pattie Boyd was still married to George Harrison. ‘Layla’ became one of the guitarist’s signature songs and established a solid place for itself among the greatest rock songs of all time.

During a recent conversation, Pattie Boyd half-jokingly said that she asked for royalties from Clapton in her divorce filing since she was the inspiration behind ‘Layla.’ However, the rocker declined to give any to his former wife. Boyd added that that’s why she still has to write books to earn a living, while she could’ve had a more comfortable life if she had received royalties.

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 - Day 1 - Show

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