Here's Why There Are So Many Spiders In Michigan Right Now

Female garden spider with eggs sac

Photo: Getty Images

There is a reason why you might be noticing an increase of spiders in Michigan lately — But it's not due to the reason you might expect, according to Click on Detroit.

Everyone whose porches have been wrapped in spider webs recently can breathe a sigh of relief: Spiders have not increased in population. It's simply spider season. Spiders are most visible in late summer and early fall. That's when the males come out to mate. Hopefully, spiders will be too busy finding the perfect partner to crawl into your bed with you. However, you may still encounter a creepy crawler or two inside your home as the seasons change. Here's what Terminix has to say about it:

"You may encounter some house spiders in late summer and early fall that have migrated into your home, but they are not necessarily outdoor migrants seeking a place to stay warm during the winter. Most spiders' breeding seasons coincide with the transition from summer to fall. If you see more spiders than usual around your home during these months, chances are they're mature males wandering far and wide in search of a mate. While they can be a nuisance, and a real issue for anyone who suffers from arachnophobia, spiders are largely beneficial creatures. Very few house spiders are harmful to humans, and they consume other arthropods."

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