Ozzy Osbourne Says His Goal Is Getting Back On Stage

Ozzy admitted that he wasn’t sure how to respond when Sharon got the call inviting him to perform alongside Iommi. The singer knew he wanted to be back on stage but was also aware of his condition. He could barely walk due to Parkinson’s. Regardless, he took the opportunity, and the performance resurfaced something in him; a desire that was never lost even after many depressive periods and the harsh reality. He wanted to sing and perform live for his audience.

“I am going to put 110% into getting myself out there. Time is my most valuable asset now. I’m 73. I don’t think that I’ll be here in another 25 years. I’ve got a goal: the goal is to get back onstage. I had my last surgery in June, and I can’t have any more.

So whatever I make of it is entirely up to me now. Even if I manage one show, then fall over, [I’ll have done it]. But I know that I’m going to carry on. I know I can beat it. I know that I can get back onstage. It’s just that I’ve got to get off my butt and go for it.”

With a promise to be back on stage, Osbourne’s latest album ‘Patient Number 9’ will be released on September 9, 2022. The Prince of Darkness also appeared as the special halftime performer for the Los Angeles vs. Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium on September 8.

Ozzfest 2016

Photo: Getty Images North America

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